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Promotional Video

When you have a product or service that you want to promote,

there's no digital medium more effective than video.   




















When the team at urgently needed a promotional video for EpiPath  ,

their COVID-19 contact-tracing app, they asked us to help write a script that introduces the app,

shows off its features, and explains how it protects users' personal information. 

We worked remotely and delivered this animated promotional video

in just four days from creative concept to client approval.  


Some best practices that we recommend for your promo video:

•. Keep it short 

•  A simple message makes it more memorable

•. Show and tell using creative images, motion graphics and great copy

•. Set the mood with appropriate music, backgrounds and tone of voice

•. Use lighting that works with the subject - dramatic, bright, bold, muted or deep shadow

•. Record clean audio without background noise, popping or over-modulation

•  Framing, pacing and editing are all part of telling the story

•  Ensure your video finds its audience with social media and paid advertising 


Here are some recent statistics from Oberlo about using video to promote your product or service:

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