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Legal Videos

When it comes to litigation, your clients need high-quality storytelling. We have the experience, skills and equipment essential to produce moving stories with broadcast quality video production values.  As specialists in legal content, we are familiar with the accuracy, clarity and legal requirements associated with creating videos to obtain a pre-trial settlement, or for use in court.  Our award-winning track record as documentarians speaks for our ability to help you tell a strong, persuasive story with images and sound.  Completed video productions can be delivered in multiple formats to suit all display specifications.

Mitigation Video


The legal profession has long used video for depositions and even testimony, but the more recent trend of professionally produced "Mitigation" videos has proven to be a powerful tool in evoking empathy for defendants.  A cinematic, documentary-style program using testimonials, childhood photos, music, and environmental footage creates an emotional appeal that humanizes an individual beyond their police report, resulting in more lenient sentencing.

When it comes to a client's freedom, producing a video with top-quality production value is well worth the investment. 

Day in the Life

Elevate your legal strategy with our compelling "Day in the Life" videos, tailored exclusively for personal injury lawyers. As seasoned experts in crafting impactful visual narratives, we understand the pivotal role these videos play in presenting a comprehensive view of your clients' experiences. Our adept team seamlessly captures the daily challenges of individuals navigating the aftermath of personal injuries. With a keen focus on authenticity and emotion, our videos humanize your clients' stories, offering judges and juries an unfiltered glimpse into their lives. By showcasing the tangible impact of injuries on everyday routines, we empower you to strengthen your case and secure the rightful compensation your clients deserve. Illuminate the path to justice with our "Day in the Life" videos and transform legal proceedings into profoundly empathetic and persuasive experiences.


Legal Advice

Deposition videos serve as visual records of of a witness's testimony given under oath, preserving the witness's facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice, which can convey additional context and emotion beyond the written transcript. We film depositions on location in north Florida, and via teleconference from anywhere. These videos can be used to prepare for trial, present evidence, impeach witnesses, or even settle cases out of court. They can be particularly impactful in showing a witness's demeanor and credibility to judges and juries, enhancing the overall understanding of the case.

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